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Rates for a private reading are $80 per half hour or $120 per hour.

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Psychic Reading by Email

Rates are $50 for five questions. Pat will tell you more when you call. Reading results mailed to you within 48 hours.

To schedule a psychic reading via email, call Pat Chalfant in Oregon at 503-430-7232, or click here to send her an email.




Dear Pat:

My wife and I both have been coming back to you often, especially when we are in a crisis and you know that we feel that connection with have always been supportive and sincere and in fact, it is a great comfort to know you are there.

You have explained things, tried to understand us and answered our emails and queries. I will turn to you sooner rather than later and I once again thank you for your last email.

I can say with a great deal of gratitude and pride out loud that you have made such a difference to us!

Before baby Sid came into our lives, you had predicted his arrival with such accuracy, encouraged my writing, our move to the house...everything! You even knew my husband had a headache when he sat through one reading (and he suffers from migraines!).

Warmest Regards,
Anu Gupta

Hi Pat,

I want to thank you Pat for sharing your time with me through your psychic development classes and tutorials. They have brought me more confidence in practicing mediumship and closer to enlightenment.

The tutorials were a way for me to spend an hour a week strengthening my gift and increasing my knowledge in living a spirit-filled life. Thank you again for making this wonderful knowledge available so that I may mature spiritually.

I also wanted to tell you, I was so fortunate to find a teacher like you who puts the lessons of spiritualism in perspective for some of us who have a different religious background. Thank you again for the tutorials and your spirit.

Dinah Q.


I feel very blessed and will continue to follow my first instincts. Your reading has touched me deeply. I cannot explain the sense of deep loss inside me since he has passed on.

When it occurred all I could think of was how much love we had, and how I had felt this overwhelming sense of fear in the area it occurred prior to it - "devastating" only touches the edge of it.

I am so glad he has found his way into the spirit world, he was always so strong, I knew he would find his way. I am sorry for getting upset, but I am so very glad that you were shown the neck or around the neck, it was a major factor in me knowing that it was him.

Thank you, I look forward to having you read for me again. Please tell me how I should meditate; it is something I don't usually do.

Thank you and have a very blessed week,

Nicole H., Detroit, MI

Hi Pat:

I was hoping for another reading.

I was the gal who was having surgery back in May on my ovary. You were right about that. It went very well and I kept my ovary and there was no cancer...

M.H. in the L.A., California area...

Hi Patricia......I had a reading with you a couple of months ago, and I must say everything you had said came to be true. I really need some insight from you now. If you could schedule a reading for me tomorrow or Thursday around 2 pm or 3 pm eastern time, I would really appreciate it. If not, please let me know when it would be a good time for you to do the reading! Thanks so much...



Dear Pat:

Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. It was very comforting, and it's already helping me to see things more lightly. I guess all I have to do is to really believe that things will turn out for the better, as long as I am patient and confident about myself. And let myself live more in the present so I can make the right decisions and follow the right paths that will bring me a beautiful future...

Also, you told me yesterday that you were getting the letter "A" a lot, on the face of the watch, and at other moments, and when I told you it could be my godfather, you said it felt more like it was coming from a woman. Well, I don't know why I didn't realize before, but both my grandmothers' names started with an "A". Alberta - my dad's mother and Assunta - my mom's mother. Probably because I was thinking about them as grandma and not about their names. I don't know, but just hit me later.

And I even told you that my grandma Alberta was a spiritualist or medium, and she was also my godmother. But I didn't recall her name yesterday... Funny. Also, you told me that you got the letter "E" and well, my grandfather's (mom's dad) name was Eduardo and my older brother, who was stillborn, would also be Eduardo, after my grandfather.

Well, I thought you would like to know all this...

Anyway, thanks so much again.

Take care.
Carla P., Los Angeles, CA


I really enjoyed our conversation last night...thank you! You gave me some very useful advice that I've already started working on. The things you said were issues I've been heavily contemplating of late and after talking with you I feel I know what to do about them! Thanks and take care!

L.Dindia, Portland, OR